About us

An obstacle course is a series of challenging physical obstacles that an individual or team must negotiate and overcome. The course includes running, climbing, jumping, crawling, swimming and balancing elements with the aim of testing speed, endurance and mental strength.

Obstacle training improves, mental strength, core strength, co-ordination, agility and muscle tone. If the effectiveness of full body exercise to treat chronic disease and neurological syndrome was put into a pill it would be the most prescribed medication in the world.

We currently have two branches

  • OCT South – Thaba Trails
  • OCT – Rietvlei

What is obstacle course training?

When adults have played competitive team sports up to and through college it can be tough to find the same sort of athletic challenge once they’ve entered the professional working world. Obstacle course races provide a worthy athletic outlet because athleticism and strength are required to successfully overcome many challenging obstacles. This allows for the emergence of an inner warrior not easily expressed at home or in the workplace. Training for and participating in obstacle course races also allow competitive individuals to have the experience of a challenging competition without the logistics of committing to a team practice or an extensive game schedule. In many races, participants are encouraged to support and help one another; for example, the Legion events are not timed and the start includes an oath that encourages participants to work together to overcome the obstacles and achieve success.

Who is OCT trying to target?

We are often so caught up in today’s technology (cell phones, computers, play station etc) that we tend to push aside ones health and well being. We at OCT feel that parents and their kids need to be involved with obstacle course training where families can support and conduct team practice as a family.

We are all faced with day to day obstacles in our life and often ask the question? “How do I overcome this?” The answer is not always simple as it seems. Therefore OCT encourages different ways of approaching your way of thinking. What better way than to face this on a training field.

We would like to have team building exercises for schools, businesses or just the individual wanting to prepare for the next obstacle challenge.

We will also ensure that the elite athletes OCR (Obstacle course racing) are involved to prepare for their next competition.

Benefits to OCT?

  • Health and Well being
  • Family involvement
  • Great combination of cardiovascular and strength training.
  • Fat burning, heart saving, AND muscle building? You can work out for a shorter period of time and gain more benefits than a 2-hour workout. What more could you want?
  • OCR’s are measured by the time it takes for you to complete the course. The more you practice, the quicker you’ll get.
  • A training supplement for team sports.
  • OCR training can help improve a team’s ability to work together and improve their agility and overall physical fitness.
  • If you regularly strength train or train for triathlons, obstacle training can shock your body and keep your muscles thinking. (Muscles get bored too, you know!)
  • A fun way to get fit.
  • If you’re a social butterfly OCR training builds bonds with people you know already (or complete strangers!) You will all be suffering (and supporting) in sweat together.
  • You don’t have to compete in a mud run to do OCR training – do it for YOU

Benefits to Thabo trails and the nature reserve:

  • Our aim is to get more kids and families out into nature and mainly living a healthy lifestyle.
  • 95% of these obstacles are made of wood and will therefore have no negative effect on the surrounding environment.
  • By appealing to the OCR crowd will make more people aware of the beauty and nature trails the reserve has to offer
  • Involvement from your normal trail runner and mountain biker
  • We will be making use of your existing trail course and therefore not having to disturb the natural environment.
  • Making people from all areas aware of the beauty that the South has to offer
  • Teaching our kids that it is not only important to be physically and mentally fit but also how to respect and appreciate nature and its natural surroundings.
Rudi and Lesley Delport

Owners, OCT South