Most people have, at one point or another, engaged in some form of physical activity in their lives. Whether it be physical education in gym class at school or participating in various sporting codes (athletics, soccer, swimming, etc.) Although people come in different shapes, forms and sizes, health and fitness, whether it be basic or intensive, should be a concern with regards to life longevity.

When most people hear the words “boot camp”, an unsettling chill rushes down their spines. Personally, the thought of Sargent Major Payne barking orders at you to push your body to the limit in a brutish military tone was certainly one of the first thoughts that popped into my mind. However, obstacle course training programmes and boot camps are designed to motivate and inspire people to reach their personal goals, whether it be challenges with weight and fitness, or certain personal issues one may encounter in life.

OCT South offers a wide range of physical activities and training programmes that are aimed at awakening one’s competitive drive that often lies dormant inside a person’s soul which they cannot express in places such as the workplace. Their outdoor obstacle courses are primarily designed to encourage and drive one to achieve their full potential to those whose full capabilities are otherwise unknown.

Here is a look at some of the programmes and activities that OCT South specialises in:



Security and Tactical Fitness:

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen those law enforcement officers with the huge, protruding gut and were left with the feeling of uncertainty and mostly unsafety. Like “how is that guy gonna chase the crook who just ran away with my phone right before his eyes?” We all wouldn’t feel safe if all of our law enforcement and military officers were overweight and/or unfit. This programme is designed to improve the fitness of our public agents and security officers. In addition to fitness programmes, they also offer exercises such as conducting a police search, apprehending a suspect, riot control tactics and firearms training so that we can all feel safe when walking down the street.

Corporate Events and Team Building:

A lot of people who have been in the working environment, trying to maintain a steady job have probably felt a slight disconnection or lack of cohesion with the people he or she might work with. OCT South has an obstacle course engineered to promote unity and interconnection amongst colleagues and team members with a course involving group outdoor training.

Time Trials (from beginner to OCR athletes):

This course is designed for the athletes who want to push themselves to the max. These are timed obstacle courses for those striving to do better than the last recorded time. This one is definitely one the athletes, but also the uninspired and/or demotivated.

Bootcamps and Military training for kids and adults:

While adults may go through health challenges, it would ignorant for us to neglect the children who go through weight issues and insecurities. OCT South offers courses for adults as well as kids. At the end of the day, we all need to stay fit and healthy.

Other programmes include School Relays, Birthday Parties, Shape-Up Challenges, Camp Outs and Physical Education Programmes at Schools.


Seeing as we all have different preferences and interests, we don’t all always have the time to be doing push-ups. Truthfully, many of are lazy as well, which also adds on to the high level of bad health and unfitness. OCT South’s obstacle courses, fitness programmes and boot camps are here to kick you off of your bum, and get fit while having fun!